Points / Currency

TidyLabs chat bot now has a currency system which will be rewarded to your active chatters in your channel.

Points are currency that can be used to reward your active chatters. With the new TidyLabs Points / Currency system, you can specify:

  • Points Name

  • Points Interval

  • Points Per Interval

  • Subscriber Points per Interval

  • Points Distributed Message

Points will only be rewarded to users who have chatted during the interval time, and will not be rewarded to lurkers, or those who spam stickers. Points can be used to set off alerts using TidyLabs Interactive (sound, gifs, YouTube Videos) on your stream. (eventually will be an option to request songs).

Please note: Points will ONLY be distributed whilst your channel is live, and I plan on performing monthly resets to ensure everything is smooth.

How To Enable Points / Currency

  1. Log into your TidyLabs Account

  2. Select "Chatbot 2.0" from the menu

  3. Select the "Points" tab

Click the link "Enable Points" to activate the points in your channel. (Please allow up to 60 seconds for the chat bot to update with the new setting).


You can set a number of different options for the chat currency to suit your brand, during testing my points name was "Kebabs".

Menu Option


Points Name

The name of your points / currency

My Points Command

The command a user can use to check their points

Leaderboard Command

The command used to show the top 5 points holders

Points Interval

How often should points be distributed

Points Per Interval

How many points to be awarded each time

Points Per Interval for Subs

How many points to be awarded for subscribers

Points Distributed Message

The message that is sent by the bot when points have been sent.

When you are happy with your configuration, press the "Save" button and allow up to 60 seconds for the points system to be activated.

Points Administration

I have built in a basic points administration tool for channel owners to manually add or remove points. (this will be changed in the future to allow moderators this option)




!addpoints number username

!addpoints 50 @tidy

Will give tidy 50 additional points

!takepoints number username

!takepoints 50 @tidy

Will deduct 50 points from tidy

If you attempt to take more points than the user has, their points will only be taken to 0.

Further Development (planned)

  • Points for Song Requests

  • Points leaderboard website for each channel

  • Custom Give / Take points Command

  • Custom permission for Give / Take Points Command

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