Change Log

Please find below the change log for TidyLabs Tools, Overlays, and Global Chat Bot

8th September 2020

  • All updates are now published to the TidyLabs Discord over at:

5th May 2020

  • TidyLabs Emote Extension 1.13 launched -

26th April 2020

TidyLabs Multi-Stream website to show/chat up to 4 streamers on a single page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Points Display name update

    • Automatically updates on points allocated cycle.

24th April 2020

ChatBot 1.0 Improvements -โ€‹

  • !uptime added

  • !ping added

  • Notification Messages (Tips / Follows / Hosts / Subs)

Chat Overlay Improvements

  • Avatars are now Circles

  • Chat Message timer removal fixed

  • Random username Colour added

12th April 2020

TidyLabs has gone under a lot of behind the scenes coding over the past few weeks, many of them are to fix small bugs that have been reported - but also added a brand new currency / points system.

  • Fixed: TidyLabs Alerts Donation Messages now show

  • Added: New TidyLabs Chatbot 2.0 Points / Currency

  • Added: New TidyLabs Interactive System

  • Added: Help Documentation

  • Fixed: Discord Support Button

  • Fixed: Daily website timeouts

  • Fixed: TidyLabs Teams loading times

20th December 2019

This is quite a large change to the song request back end. Even with the small user set of Alpha Testers, I started receiving alerts for exceeding the YouTube API quota (screenshot below)


I decided to fully rewrite the song request system and start to keep a library of previous requests which should hopefully see a huge drop in YouTube API calls ๐Ÿ™


17th December 2019

  • Subscriber Scroller shows message when authorisation expires

  • Global Chat Bot YouTube URL Fixes (now accepts all YouTube URL's)

  • Global Chat Bot Sub Only song request fix (Channel Owners can request)

  • Added option to Alerts overlay to disable sub anniversary alerts