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Commands can be used by your chat room to automatically send a chat message. Each command has a cool down of 60 seconds. All commands must begin with an exclamation point ("!")

Adding Commands

To add a command click the "Commands" tab from the Chatbot 2.0 page.
Example !so command 😲
This is the command somebody can type in your chat room, for example: !discord
This is what the chat bot will send to the chat room once the command has been typed.
The response can include certain tags to dynamically generate the command.
  • ##sender## will be replaced with the user who typed the command
  • ##target## will write out a user you have tagged in your command. eg: !so @tidy would return "tidy" . (Great for making !so commands - see our list of examples to make your own!)
You can choose who can use your command by using the drop down select box:
  • Everybody
  • Moderators
  • Channel Owner

Updating / Deleting a Command

You are able to update/delete an existing command by editing the response and pressing Update / Delete
Once your add / edit / remove commands, please allow up to 60 seconds for the Global Bot to update your settings.