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How to Add a TidyLabs Overlay

Instructions on how to add an overlay from TidyLabs
TidyLabs has a wide selection of overlays which you can use on your DLive stream:
  • Alert Box
    • Follower Alerts
    • Subscriber Alerts
    • Host Alerts
    • Donation Alerts
    • Interactive Alerts
  • Follower Goal
  • Subscriber Goal
  • Chat Overlay
  • Stream Labels
  • Events List
  • Donation Goal
  • Viewer Count
  • Tip Scroller
  • Subscriber Scroller
  • Ninja Boss
  • Lemonade Stand

How do I get the URL?

Each of the above overlays will provide a unique URL that you can add to your streaming software. To copy the URL press the button "Copy URL" or highlight the text and press CTRL + C (to copy).
Depending on your browser, you may need to manually select the alert URL and copy using CTRL + C

How do I add a TidyLabs overlay to OBS?

  • Launch Open Broadcaster Software and press the "+" sign on the sources section.
  • Select Browser
  • Choose a suitable name for your browser source eg: "TidyLabs Alert Box" and press "OK"
  • Paste the URL into the field "URL" that we copied earlier, and press "OK"