How to Request Songs

Instructions how your users can request songs in your channel.

Song Request Command

If Song Requests are enabled in your channel you (and your users) can request songs by either requesting the full YouTube URL, or just the video ID.
!sr YouTubeURL
!sr YouTubeVideoID
If your song request has been successful TidyLabs will post a message to your chat.
If you disallow links in your channel, ask your users to request the song using only the Video ID. If you allow URL's, then they can copy and paste the full YouTube URL.

What is the YouTube URL?

If links are enabled in your chat room users can request songs using the full YouTube URL.
Command: !sr

What is the YouTube Video ID?

If links are disabled, your users can request songs by using the YouTube Video ID. The Video ID is the set of characters after the v=
Command: !sr JODtecBbTRk