Bot Settings

The bot settings page will allow you to change key options for your TidyLabs Global Chat bot.

To change your TidyLabs chat bot settings, please select the Settings tab.

Enable 8Ball

8Ball is a simple fun chat command that your chat can use to answer certain questions. This is a built in feature of the bot which can be Enabled or Disabled.

If enabled, the TidyLabs Chat bot will automatically remove messages that contain a URL.

Link removal requires the TidyLabs chat bot to have moderator permissions.

Timed Message Interval

Set the number of minutes between each Timed Message. The current version of TidyLabs has an interval of between 5 and 20 minutes.

For help on setting up your Timed Messages, please click here

Please wait up to 60 seconds for the Chat Bot settings to update.

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