The TidyLabs Chat Bot v2.0 has a very basic moderation module which will be fully expanded over the next few weeks. For now, you can only add words which will be automatically removed from your chat.

TidyLabs needs to be added as a moderator to your DLive Channel to remove messages from your chat.

To add TidyLabs as a moderator, either click the username and select "Set Moderator" or type int your chat:

/mod @tidylabs

Adding Bad Words

You can add as many words as you like to your list that you want to be automatically removed by the TidyLabs bot. The chat bot will scan every message for any word that matches.

1) Click the Bad Words tab on the TidyLabs Chat Bot page 2) Enter the word you want to be automatically removed 3) Selection the action you want taking when TidyLabs detects the word (Only remove now) 3) Click Add Bad Word

Removing Bad Words

To remove a bad word from your list, click the Delete button next to the word you want to remove.

Please allow up to 60 seconds for any bad words added / removed to update the global bot.

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