Song Requests

Song requests can now be enabled to allow your viewers to request YouTube videos to listen to on your stream. Please see below for the list of options.

Song Request Details

  • Maximum of 20 Songs in the Song Request Queue

  • Maximum of 1-20 Songs per user in the Song Request Queue

How to Enable Song Requests

1) Select the Song Requests Tab 2) Click Enable next to "Song Requests"

Sub Only Song Requests

Setting this option to Enabled will limit song requests to your channel subscribers only. If this option is set to Disabled, anybody can request songs in your chat.

Public Playlist

Share the list of songs in your channel with your public playlist URL. This URL will automatically update when songs are played, deleted or added.

Maximum Song Length

Channel owners are able to specify the maximum length of song that can be added to their song request (this is to prevent number 1 hits like 10 Hour Titanic Theme Tune played on a Recorder).

If a song is requested that exceeds the streamers setting, the bot will let the user know.

Maximum Song Requests Per User

Channel owners can select how many songs can be requested per user. This option can be changed from 1 to 20 songs per user in the current queue.

If a user tries to exceed their limit, the bot will let them know.

To display the current song playing on your stream visit the TidyLabs Labels page and add the browser overlay for "Current Song"

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